About us

We have a team that has the right blend of expertise, experience and age. What we expect from all our employees in the field is:

• Knowledge of 'trees to tillage'
• Skills in 'tops turn to grubbing-up'
• Understanding that "every tree is different"
• Collegiality, 'helping out, make a sport of it'
• Perseverance, 'long periods of time doing the same work, e.g. pruning'
• Flexibility, "the sun, rain and wind determine work patterns'

Anyone not daily in the field due to sales or administrative duties will go and work in the field when needed - because the tree is our product.

For many years our team has consisted of very loyal employees. We are a company that operates from a belief in social responsibility. We employ young people in the Wajong (occupational disability scheme) and we offer traineeships to students.