About us

Tree nursery De Jong van Laarhoven is a reliable partner for whom cultivating quality trees for an affordable price and good personal relationships with its customers are our main drivers.

100% good trees

Our trees are repeatedly transplanted and therefore have good re-growth, are true to species, are delivered free of disease and are “NAK” certified. Our working methods are transparent; we implement a CSR policy and use a nursery book so that the origin and progress of the tree can be seen at any time.

Deal = Deal

We deliver the trees you order, quickly and correctly. We attach great importance to agreements. What we say, we do. We are a reliable partner.

We make your order complete

You only have one pickup point, which saves you time and money. We have a wide assortment with girths of between 14-16 cm and 70-80.

Fast and flexible delivery

We can deliver trees within 24 hours. You can collect them at our pick-up point or we can deliver them at the planting site. If you choose to collect them, they will be ready for you when you arrive, so no need to wait, and we have a highly efficient method for loading the trees onto the truck.

Sustainably grown

We have been associated with the “Milieukeur” eco-label since 2005. We use Tagetes for soil fumigation. The trees receive the right care so that they build up a natural immune system, which results in improved growth and leaf colour.