About us

Tree nursery De Jong van Laarhoven

We have been a family business for almost 35 years with our roots firmly embedded in North Brabant. My parents, Jan and Rikie de Jong, founded the company in 1982. It is a family-run business where my brother, sister and I grew up among the trees and machines, and from where my brother and I inherited our passion for trees.

The trees

The nursery has about 200 different species of trees in an area of 90 hectares in the middle of the beautiful nature reserve "De Kampina" and “Groene Woud”.  Our trees are transplanted 3 to 5 times and have a girth of between 14-16 and 70-80 cm.

We have carried “Milieukeur” certification since 2005 and our trees are also annually NAKB-inspected on authenticity and disease.

The soil

The sandy loam soil provides a very good basis for growing trees. Our trees are transplanted every four years, resulting in them having grown a dense root system. This is essential to successful re-growth in almost any site.

I have now taken over the company in Boxtel and live on site between the trees with my family. My passion is growing good-quality trees, but they must remain affordable.

My brother has a tree nursery and an arable farm in northern France www.pepinieretortefontaine.com. The two companies work closely together and it is therefore not a problem for us to deliver large quantities in a wide assortment.


We are happy to give free advice on plant-site preparation, care and transportation. Our main objective is that you, as a customer, feel welcome and satisfied with our service, from first contact to after-care.  

Experience our trees!

You are welcome to visit us and stroll among our trees. We are happy to help you decide which trees best suit your requirements.                                                                                                                                            

Stijn de Jong